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My very first own Home-Computer

year of manifacturing 1976
KIM-1 was equipped with the processor 6502
see more about 6502 on my website

Those days (1976) people went around from one company to another with a metal suit-case in their hand, in which there was such a KIM together with a cassette-recorder and they made some data-processing for money. They were privileged, while others were excluded from making money with these new technologies, they had to pay a lot for getting it. But from todays view (2011) they could not have done much utility, it was more the luxury of the companies to spend some money for prestige-advertising.

And as supplement to the KIM there were 3 Handbooks, but the description inside was so circumstantial, that I never understood it, although I was from the branch and the whole matter could be described on 10% of the volume.